Australia Hospital Installation is Frigel’s Largest

Bendigo Hospital, honored by the Australian Institute of Architects, features the largest Frigel installation in the world. The world-class facility,  which features Frigel adiabatic coolers, has been recognized internationally for sustainability. This project video was made by Norman, Disney & Young, part of the consortium that designed and built Bendigo:



The Frigel coolers featured modulate themselves in response to the heat-rejection temperature requirements and flows, minimising water and energy by operating in banks. The system minimises water consumption through the ability to provide cooling by ramping up the fans for a bank of units before needing to activate water sprays.

Some of the world’s top manufacturers already count on Frigel products for improved efficiency, uptime, and savings on energy and water use.

Hospitals and other complex buildings struggle to prioritize the environment, and notably, the health and well-being of surrounding communities. Bendigo was awarded the Australian Institute of Architects Sir Zelman Cowen Award for Public Architecture, demonstrating the role of efficient equipment in more sustainable structures.

Frigel’s technology can be applied for many uses outside of plastics and industrial processes, including data centres and district cooling facilities. Contact us for more information about Frigel’s technology, and how it can help your business succeed economically and sustainably.