Plastics Training

Chudleigh Sutch have partnered with the leading plastics training firm Paulson Training to provide customers with the best education on their new products and services. Paulson provides comprehensive, web-based solutions and CD/DVD-based interactive training for companies in the plastics industry including plastics processors, material suppliers, machine builders. The Paulson site provides detailed information about the programs.

We encourage you to take advantage of these training courses, so that staff are prepared to operate and maintain your new facilities and machinery. Paulson offers training tailored to your specific needs, to ensure that you fully benefit from your partnership with Chudleigh Sutch.


Interactive Training


Interactive training is done on a PC or using a web browser using Paulson’s InSite360 internet-based platform. High-quality video with 3D animations of machinery is used to illustrate machine operation and what is happening inside the machine. About the course:

  • Questions are asked throughout a training lesson to reinforce the knowledge being taught
  • Each employee is assigned the courses appropriate for his or her job level
  • Training records for each employee’s training activity are maintained automatically
  • They can then be reviewed by supervisors to ensure that scheduled training is being taken


Sample Training Courses



Managing a Molding Plant
ProX 1 Extrusion
Paulson ProMolder 1