Frigel Attending ProPak Asia 2019

Frigel Attending ProPak Asia 2019

The 27th international processing and packaging exhibition for Asia, Bangkok, Thailand

Our partner Frigel Asia Pacific will be presenting at PROPAK ASIA 2019 from 13 to 16 June 2019 in BITEC Exhibition Center, Bangkok, Thailand. The team will be in booth BP11, Hall 103. 

At the event, Frigel will demonstrate Ecodrysystem 4.0, a consolidated architecture for process-dedicated cooling system, now digitally synchronised with your bottling line and your injection-moulding machine.

We invite you to attend the show and learn about Frigel’s latest energy and water saving technologies for the beverage, PET and packaging industries. Frigel technologies are the industry’s most energy and water-efficient, qualifying for the highest government subsidies and tax credits.


Ecodrygel: Frigel’s adiabatic cooler, is a patented system that eliminates the cooling tower, saving 95% of water and providing clean, closed loop ambient cooling.

Microgel 3R80: water cooled chiller, is designed for your packaging equipment. See how customers can use their packaging machines (preforms, caps, stretch-blown bottles) for the lowest energy consumption and optimal cycle time.


  • Multistage cascade chillers patented system for higher delta temperatures in beverage applications
  • Heavygel chiller for central systems either water or air-cooled
  • Aquagel range of pumping groups and plant accessories

Based in Bangkok, Thailand, Frigel Asia Pacific is a leading global leading of process cooling with more than 3,000 installations in South East Asia.


Frigel Opens Subsidiary in Poland

Frigel Opens Subsidiary in Poland

Process-cooling leader Frigel has announced the opening of a new subsidiary, Frigel Eastern Europe Sp. Z o.o., in Poland as another important step for its global strategic growth.

“We have always considered Poland as one of the top industrial markets in Europe,” said Frigel CEO Duccio Dorin.

“Thanks to its large population, a growing economy, and a friendly business climate, we believe Poland has the potential to expand business further and become a leader country within central and eastern Europe.”

Frigel, a longtime partner of Chudleigh Sutch, is a leading provider of process-cooling technology recognised worldwide for its innovative Intelligent Process Cooling.

EPPM has reported in detail on the expansion. You can read the full article here.

About Frigel

Frigel is an internationally recognized process-cooling leader with almost 60 years of proven innovations and high performing cooling systems, having pioneered the concept of Intelligent Process Cooling.

Frigel is a leading brand with manufacturing, sales and service facilities around the globe servicing more than 8.000 systems installed.

The Frigel group includes the following companies:

  • Frigel Firenze S.p.A, (Scandicci, Firenze, Italy) Headquarter, Sales, Engineering, Service, Production
  • Frigel Custom Cooling Solutions Srl, (Lomagna MB, Italy) Marine, Oil & Gas, Energy Sales, Engineering, Service, Production
  • Frigel North America inc., (Chicago – USA) Sales, Engineering, Service
  • Frigel Asia Pacific Company ltd, (Bangkok – Thailandia) Sales, Engineering, Service, Production
  • Frigel Latino America Ltda, (San Paulo – Brasil) Sales, Engineering, Service, Production
  • Frigel GmbH (Rheinfelden, Germany) – Sales, Engineering, Service
  • Green Box Srl (Piove di Sacco, Padova, Italy) – Sales, Engineering, Service, Production
  • Frigel Intelligent Cooling Systems (Greater Noida, India, Join Venture with Matsui).

Frigel manufactures and markets integrated cooling systems made of a variety of parts such as the Ecodry adiabatic liquid cooler, Microgel chiller/temperature control units, Thermogel temperature controllers and Multistage cascade chillers, as well as a full array of industrial chillers, pumping and filtration equipment, all designed and engineered to fit specific applications, such as plastic molding, beverage preparation and filling,die-casting oil and gas. Frigel develops and customizes internally all microprocessor and PLC-based controls for all its products and solutions.

Customer productivity, efficiency and environmental sustainability are at the forefront of any solution developed by Frigel.

Frigel Featured in Award-Winning Hospital Design

Frigel Featured in Award-Winning Hospital Design

Australia Hospital Installation is Frigel’s Largest

Bendigo Hospital, honored by the Australian Institute of Architects, features the largest Frigel installation in the world. The world-class facility,  which features Frigel adiabatic coolers, has been recognized internationally for sustainability. This project video was made by Norman, Disney & Young, part of the consortium that designed and built Bendigo:



The Frigel coolers featured modulate themselves in response to the heat-rejection temperature requirements and flows, minimising water and energy by operating in banks. The system minimises water consumption through the ability to provide cooling by ramping up the fans for a bank of units before needing to activate water sprays.

Some of the world’s top manufacturers already count on Frigel products for improved efficiency, uptime, and savings on energy and water use.

Hospitals and other complex buildings struggle to prioritize the environment, and notably, the health and well-being of surrounding communities. Bendigo was awarded the Australian Institute of Architects Sir Zelman Cowen Award for Public Architecture, demonstrating the role of efficient equipment in more sustainable structures.

Frigel’s technology can be applied for many uses outside of plastics and industrial processes, including data centres and district cooling facilities. Contact us for more information about Frigel’s technology, and how it can help your business succeed economically and sustainably. 

BrauBeviale2018 On Our Calendar in November

BrauBeviale2018 On Our Calendar in November

BrauBeviale2018 is Just Around the Corner


If you need an incentive, it’s a top social event in a country with great beer! And don’t forget, BrauBeviale is an important international trade show for those of us in the beverage industry.

We’ll be there supporting our long-time partner Frigel, a leading cooling and refrigeration provider. Frigel produce a wide range of energy and water-saving products for food and beverage uses, and are known for their Ecodry system. The most efficient adiabatic-cooling system available, Ecodry sets the standard for sustainability in the market. If you want to learn more, Frigel will be exhibiting in Hall 7, Booth 7-826.


About BrauBeviale

BrauBeviale is considered the leading goods exhibition for the entire beverage production process chain. International exhibitors will present products, solutions, and trends for the food and beverage industry including beer, water, non-alcoholic drinks, spirits, wine, sparkling wine, and liquid dairy products.

Conference times are Tuesday, 13 to Thursday, 15 November, at the 2018 Exhibition Centre Nuremberg. Opening times:

13 November 2018: 09:00 – 18:00

14 November 2018: 09:00 – 18:00

15 November 2018: 09:00 – 17:00

BrauBeviale has taken place in the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg since 1978. The event had already attracted 152 exhibitors and 2,478 visitors to the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg by 1980. Today’s capital goods exhibition originated in Bamberg, where it was launched in 1957 as a training course and social event for the sector.

Chudleigh Sutch Becomes Sole Distributor for GreenBox

Chudleigh Sutch Becomes Sole Distributor for GreenBox

In August Chudleigh Sutch became the exclusive distributor for GreenBox s.r.l., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Frigel s.p.a., based in Florence, Italy. Also based in Italy, GreenBox manufacture process-cooling and control systems for customers worldwide. 

GreenBox has developed a wide range of efficient, sustainable products since it formed in 1991. These include:

  • Air and water-cooled chiller systems
  • Machine-side temperature control units
  • Closure cooling systems

As part of the acquisition by Frigel, GreenBox will continue to sell its own branded products. These will be serviced by Frigel’s regional partners including Chudleigh Sutch. Chudleigh Sutch, Melbourne, Australia is the exclusive distributor for Frigel in Australia and New Zealand. We look forward to working with our new GreenBox customers in Australia and New Zealand, and welcome them to the Frigel family of products and services.


About GreenBox

Green Box specialises in machines and systems for process-fluid temperature control, and its core business is plastic material processing.

Green Box designs, manufactures and installs complete industrial cooling systems. Their designs are highly efficient, energy saving, reliable, and easy to use. They feature accessible components and modularity, through which existing systems can be easily expanded. GreenBox provide technical and commercial support to customers through an extensive network of service centres.



Frigel Microgel Cuts Cycle-time Up To 20%

Frigel Microgel Cuts Cycle-time Up To 20%

“We take a scientific approach when we analyze customer applications and configure a system to their exact needs,” Says Al Fosco, Frigel North America Marketing Manager. “It’s the Frigel Diamond Service advantage, which ultimately gives them what they need to optimize productivity, profitability and quality.”

The latest advances in the Microgel line of chiller/TCUs are designed to give plastics processors a clear-cut advantage in an increasingly competitive industry. Read more in the article published by Plastics Today.